End the Thermostat Wars & Save Energy with Softaire® Air Diffusers

End the Thermostat Wars & Save Energy with Softaire® Air Diffusers from Softaire Diffusers Inc.

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*** Call 810-730-1668 for a FREE 2 WEEK TRIAL*** We've all been there ... you are working at your desk or sitting in a restaurant when the heat or air conditioning kicks on and a blast of air hits your neck. You're freezing, while the person across the aisle is roasting. Hot and cold drafts are commonplace. The thermostat is turned up ... it's turned down ... it's turned off ... it's turned on ... Vents are closed, all the while never fixing the problem. In fact, surveys of facility managers and building owners reveal the most common complaint in the office is: "It's too Hot." And the second most common complaint is: "It's too Cold."

A study by the University of Michigan concluded the Softaire Diffuser is more energy efficient than standard ceiling air diffusers

Offices, Restaurants, Medical Facilities....there is a Solution ... Softaire Ceiling Air Diffusers solve the problem at the source!

Softaire Diffusers solve the problem at the source - those ceiling outlets. The innovative design of Softaire Diffusers prevents air from dumping on you by mixing supply air with room air quicker than other diffusers. This comfortable air is then circulated uniformly throughout the room filling your space with soft air movement. You'll feel the difference instantly. Hot and Cold spots are gone and so are those drafts.... read more

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Stop playing "spin the thermostat"
Get Softaire, get comfortable
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