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SaniGLAZE is a revolutionary alternative to commercial tile and grout cleaning that will restore your tile floor’s original beauty to like new condition and keep it that way for many years. Generally, on a ceramic tile floor, its not the tile that causes the appearance problems; it’s the grout. The SaniGLAZE grout sealing process seals out mold, dirt and future contaminants for the life of the floor while restoring your grout to like-new condition. Complete Floor Care Solutions provides SaniGLAZE, the only permanent, maintainable solution to ceramic tile and grout cleaning.

SaniGLAZE Tile and Grout Restoration:

•Provides easy daily upkeep

•Provides fresh, “sparkling” sustainable restrooms all of the time

•Is a LEED compatible process

•Provides a moisture-proof, protective barrier using state-of-the-art polymer grout and Super Shield

•The grout sealing aids in the control of diseases, bacteria, and even the MRSA virus

•Extends the life of your floors

•Protects your investment

•Restores your tile floor to a better than new appearance

•Grout restoration is half the cost of replacement

What Choose SaniGLAZE?


Despite only accounting for 5% of a facility’s space, restrooms produce more than 80% of the complaints. These complaints can be eliminated with the SaniGLAZE process.


Tile and grout maintenance has long been a costly industry headache that consistently fails to produce a long-term solution. The permanent, easily maintainable solution is the revolutionary SaniGLAZE process.


Tile and grout cleaning still leaves your ceramic tile and grout surfaces dirty, dingy, and odorous, potentially damaging your company’s image. The SaniGLAZE process will reflect your company’s values in your floors and eliminate costly commercial floor maintenance.


The porous nature of grout makes it a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Grout cleaning and even grout sealing doesn’t fix the problem. When your staff is consistently exposed to germs and bacteria, they can get sick and miss work. Eventually, this can lead to a loss of employee morale. The restorative bonding technology of the SaniGLAZE process produces clean, easily maintainable floors and contributes to a happier, healthier, and more productive staff.


Replacing your ceramic tile surfaces is a costly, time consuming headache that reduces your interior air quality. A floor protected by the SaniGLAZE® process and properly maintained can last for the entire life of the building without costly commercial floor maintenance or abrasive tile and grout cleaning chemicals.


Commercial floor maintenance generally requires the use of harsh, abrasive chemicals. Even though these chemicals are effective in removing some floor contaminants, they are harsh on our environment and over time, diminish your floor’s integrity. All that is needed to maintain a SaniGLAZE floor are safe, environmentally friendly, gree


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