Integrate sit-stand desking with style: Meet "Flux"

Integrate sit-stand desking with style: Meet "Flux" from Applied Ergonomics

3401 Madison Street Skokie, IL 60076

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Our partners at JSI have been designing and developing their new Flux casegood series for quite a while, and we're delighted that it's finally here. As we are obviously strong advocates for sit-stand integration, we are also very pleased that JSI Flux offers a virtually unlimited amount of ways to integrate height adjustability into your office spaces. And it builds these solutions with a broad offering of both wood and laminate finishes.

This fluid, forward-thinking office collection combines healthier freedom of movement with innovative storage solutions, and does it with a unique sense of style. Versatility is a key component--Flux scales from small office to large executive suite, and a simple workspace becomes a meeting area with just the swing of a table. Stylish credenzas, workwalls, file storage, towers and power solutions all combine to adapt seamlessly to your space. We're sure you'll be impressed, and you'll think differently about integrating standing desks into your office--it's our sweet spot. Designed by New Studio, LLC.


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