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PCSC is a designer and manufacturer of quality access control solutions. From integrated hardware to sophisticated access control management software, including: door entry access, video badging, CCTV control, elevator control, alarm graphics, PoE network peripherals, and video integration. With a full-line of wired and wireless intelligent controllers, Fault Tolerant systems and multiple card reader technologies to choose from.

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Fault Tolerant Access Controller

Fault Tolerant Access Controller

The World’s Most Reliable Security Architecture.

PCSC offers the world’s first patented Fault Tolerant (FT) access controller, creating the highest level of reliability with an automated process of system recovery, alarm monitoring and output control systems. The FT Architecture (FTA) is the next evolution of building security management designed with a Virtual Point Definition network, integrated peer-to-peer and redundant communications. Increased performance for high security access control environments.

The FT system is designed to automatically recover regardless of communications or controller failure. The FT system may be designed with an “Active/Active” or “Active/Inactive” system architecture. If for any reason, a primary controller fails, an alternate controller shall automatically take over the duties of the failed controller. The progression of successors to a faulty controller shall continue to provide security without any degradation in system operations. The FTA consists of one or more Fault Tolerant Controllers (FTC) and Door Interface Modules (DIM). The FTCs and DIMs are designed with an Open Standards Operating System utilizing Hydra Protocol to provide the highest level of system operations and reliability.

The DIM is currently offered in a Dual Door Module (DDM) or Single Door Module (SDME). PCSC’s Hydra Protocol not only maintains communication integrity but also provides a network database manager to control system parameters, access, alarm and output data. Utilizing peer-to-peer communication, the Hydra Protocol communicates system updates with other FTCs within its network.

Changes to data such as: cardholder, input and output statuses are automatically updated among the appropriate FTC. Hydra Protocol also contains a firmware management application to maintain firmware integrity of its DIMs. It maintains the approved firmware and firmware level and automatically updates older versions of DIM firmware, eliminating any security breach or service time.

Fault Tolerant Controller and Dual Door Module are UL294 & UL294B
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