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SafeSpace provides prefabricated enclosures for plumbing and electrical equipment, hvac equipment, fire protection and other equipment needing protection from the weather or vandalism. We also engineer and construct fire rated, bullet proof and blast resistant security structures to protect hazardous materials, personnel or sensitive equipment.

Our prefab modular enclosures are economical and install quickly, reducing the cost, time and disruption of construction. The can also be re-located if your needs change.

Chose from one of our standard designs or we’ll design and build a custom enclosure to meet your exact requirements. Let us make your next small building an easy and cost effective project.

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Our bulletproof building systems provide safe enclosures against any level of threat. Bullet resistant glass, ballistic resistant doors and armored walls are designed to protect your key personnel and increase the security of the facility.

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A SafeSpace prefab modular enclosure protects your sensitive equipment from weather and vandalism. Whether your requirement is freeze protection, heat shielding, protection from abuse or just keeping things clean, our versatile prefab enclosures offer a quick and inexpensive way to protect your equipment. They are designed to meet code, be installed quickly and easily relocated, if required.

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Protect your personnel, computers, and equipment from the noise, dust and varying temperatures of the factory and warehouse. Our prefab modular office is an ideal solution for an interior warehouse office. These prefab sandwich panel enclosures are an economical and durable solution for an in plant office or other interior modular enclosure.

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The flammable chemical storage building manufactured by Safety Storage, Inc. provides proper storage for flammable chemicals and hazardous waste. These hazmat storage sheds are designed to meet Factory Mutual (FM), OSHA, NFPA, State and local codes for the proper storage, secondary containment and dispensing of hazardous material flammable storage and chemical storage.