Applied Ergonomics remains a personal passion—a labor of love—for its founder Jeff Meltzer, and that commitment permeates throughout our business. Caring for our clients is at our core. Our customers become our friends, and we treat them like it. We ask lots of questions and take the time to listen to the answers, because the only good plan is the one that fulfills their needs, including the needs they hadn’t thought to consider. We take a holistic approach to contract interiors, considering both the big picture and the smallest details in everything we do. We don’t sell, we advise. We shop everything, comparing options from an array of fabulous companies with whom we work closely, because no one manufacturer can have the exact right fit for every need. Then we apply 25 years of ergonomic consulting and workplace furnishings experience to make sure that the end-product is a beautiful, healthy, productive workplace that empowers the organization, communicates to employees that they matter, heals those dealing with chronic discomfort and reinforces the brand with customers and the public. We believe in healing the earth as well, and are proud to be part of an industry that has led the way in sustainability practices. And yes, we do this on time and within budget.

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