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Digital Lumens is driving the industrial IoT revolution through its cloud-based IIoT platform, SiteWorx, which combines intelligent lighting, smart sensors, and software to create new efficiencies and real-world ROI for industrial environments worldwide. With Digital Lumens intelligent LED fixtures and Digital Light Agent smart sensors, a facility is immediately instrumented with SiteWorx, an easily-expandable IIoT platform that pays for itself through energy savings. Facility-wide IIoT enables fast, flexible deployment of additional sensor-based solutions that extend beyond lighting to deliver even greater operational insight and control, as well as new value streams. Digital Lumens' IIoT solutions have been deployed across more than 550 million square feet of space, and and delivered proven results for real-world clients in 45 countries.

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Digital Lumens  Maximize Energy Savings from Any Device

Digital Lumens Maximize Energy Savings from Any Device

Lighting is a critical contributor to the productivity, efficiency, and safety of any industrial environment. It can also be challenging to control, customize, and maintain, which can make lighting-related energy costs difficult to monitor, measure, and manage.

SiteWorx™ Tune applies multiple lighting control strategies — occupancy sensing, task tuning, daylight harvesting, progressive dimming, and automatic setback —to achieve up to 90% energy savings and maintain safe, comfortable light levels across the facility.
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