With hundreds of different safety devices and systems on the market and widely varying local building and fire codes, proper fire and safety inspection has become a complex, time-consuming task. With BuildingReports’ unmatched, growing database of safety devices and code requirements, we offer inspection solutions for each inspection category, including OSHA, NFPA, federal and other standards organizations, that make building safety inspections easier and more accurate – which leads to greater compliance and lower cost.

Hundreds of the most qualified and highly trained independent service companies use BuildingReports to eliminate outdated, cumbersome paper reports through mobile inspection tools. This inspection information is accurate, the device-level data verifiable, and the reports are made available online whenever and wherever they're needed. We eliminate the need to wait for days or sometimes weeks to review inspection reports, allowing users to quickly initiate needed repairs to critical safety equipment. With BuildingReports, cost and risk are reduced, and old illegible, handwritten reports are replaced by trusted and verified online inspection peace of mind.