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Carolyn Silence is Proud to represent IFMA as the President of the Suncoast IFMA Chapter in Tampa Florida.

Cosgrove Enterprises, Inc. has been involved in the Janitorial Supply industry in the Southeastern United States for over 35 years. Originally a mop and broom manufacturing company, Cosgrove has grown to become one of the largest distribution organizations in the Southeast specializing in the sale and distribution of sanitary supplies. With distribution centers in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and Atlanta, Cosgrove is positioned to offer regional service for our clients.

Cosgrove's sourcing and supply capabilities are truly international, with a customer and supplier base encompassing over 20 countries. Our volume purchasing power of sanitary supplies provides us with the lowest possible costs, allowing us to be extremely competitive in our pricing to our customers and still operate profitably.

Cosgrove is also a member of Strategic Marketing Alliance (SMA), an organization of independent distributors throughout the United States, to provide national distribution capability for those clients with extended operations. Not only providing for national distribution coverage, SMA further enhances our negotiating power with those vendors that are part of the affiliation.

Cosgrove. a company that takes care of the business in which we are entrusted and works continuously towards making our clients' companies successful, for it is in their success that we find our success.

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