Cleaning Services Group is a full-service building services company with the people, equipment, and quality control systems to give you responsive, reliable service every time.

CSG Services

* Office Buildings
* Grocery Chains
* Cinemas/Theaters
* Financial Institutions
* Medical Facilities
* Educational Facilities & Universities
* Commercial Properties
* Retail Store Chains
* Restaurants
* Speciality Facilities
* National Accounts
* Distribution Centers

We provide comprehensive, high-quality janitorial services for retail locations including national big-box, grocery and drugstore chains.

Along with providing superior cleaning and maintenance services, we offer many benefits that our customers appreciate:

Compliance assurance.
All our employees are fully compliant with all state and federal regulations. We perform internal control audits to ensure that both CSG and our clients' exposure is limited.

Proper insurance.
All our workers carry workers’ compensation insurance, ensuring that we meet your organization's requirements for on-site employees.

Well-trained employees.
CSG is able to provide superior work quality because we focus on keeping employees well-trained and well-supervised. Our area managers frequently audit the performance of the cleaning crews at each store.

Reliable staffing.
CSG maintains floaters available in the event there is a temporary worker shortage at a location, so we always get the job done.

Continuous communication.
We have found that one of the keys to providing top-notch service is to require continuous communication between service workers and supervisors. Plus, CSG stays in constant contact with customers down to the store manager level to ensure they're satisfied with our consistent quality. We rely on fast customer feedback to immediately address any issues that arise.

Well-maintained equipment.
Our well-maintained equipment results in floors with superior aesthetics and fewer missed cleaning days due to equipment failure.

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