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Tribuild Contracting (Calgary) Ltd. was started in June of 1982. The owners personal ethics including honesty, trust and sincerity became the trademark of Tribuild. The Management at Tribuild has, from the very onset, believed in and operated with integrity and openness with clients, trades and personnel. We apply our philosophy on all projects and have earned the respect and trust of new and long term clients, trades and suppliers.Tribuild has grown through the years from an Interior Construction company to a full service General Contractor and Construction Manager. We have completed the construction of several multi-million dollar buildings, building renovations and additions, plus the construction of major multi-floor office projects. Tribuild also recently completed numerous new build outs and upgrades to existing computer room facilities. These projects have ranged in size from $ 1 million to just over $ 20 million in total budget. As a result of the successful ( on time and on budget ) completion of these project, Tribuild has become well-known for our diligence and expertise in working with live 24/7 data and support equipment.Service and maintenance are also integral to Tribuilds success. We have service contracts with several building management firms including BLJC, Nexacor and SNC/Lavalin. Tribuild also provides all our clients with the same support and assistance with ongoing service and maintenance at our facilities. The four owners all take an active and personal role in the planning and execution of all Tribuilds projects. Weekly production meetings with the staff to review all current projects ensures projects remain on time and on budget by identifying and resolving problems early. These meeting also leverage entire teams experience in focusing on safety, quality, excellence and continuous improvement.