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SafePro OverviewSafePro, a sister company of Supreme Roofing Systems, is a national manufacturer of rooftop safety and security products. Our patent-pending All-in-One Fall Protection System, Power Hatch Lift and Rail System and Ladder Extension products were developed by experts with more than 30 years experience in the roofing and construction services industry. As owners of a large national commercial roofing company, SafePros founders have personally climbed up through thousands of roof hatches and experienced, first-hand, the hazards of accessing commercial rooftops. Wanting to protect employees and understanding the safety hazards and costly effects that fall injuries have on businesses, SafePro spent more than two years researching and developing its innovative, patent-pending fall protection and rooftop security systems. The SafePro systems exceed OSHA requirements, offer an eco-friendly solar power option and are unique because of their remote controlled access, security keypad entrance and ergonomic rail system, which provide: Safe and Injury-Free Roof Access Safe Rooftop Working Conditions Rooftop Security Against Unauthorized Personnel Fall protection


Solid safety product. Their patented design and quick installation make this product top-notch.