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Every commercial property has its own security challenges. VPS is there to meet these challenges. Our solutions deter and protect dark properties against theft of copper and any inventory valuables relating to the vacant property.
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Nationwide Asphalt and Concrete Paving Services. Serving over 4,000 client locations throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.
Service Works Global Service Works Global
International provider of facilities, real estate & workplace management software. Service Works flagship application, QFM, is a fully-integrated web & mobile-enabled solution, which improves service delivery & secures rapid return on investment.
AGF Manufacturing, Inc. AGF Manufacturing, Inc.
AGF revolutionized the fire sprinkler industry with the Model 1000 TESTanDRAIN® single valve inspector’s test which eliminated the time and space consuming traditional loop assembly. TESTanDRAIN® valves are installed in countless systems around the world.
Ladder Gate Climb Preventive Shield
1. All braces and hardware are fabricated from rust resistant, hot-dip galvanized, heavy gauge steel. ...
Toilet Jack
The Toilet Jack is a simple to install device that stabilizes and safely increases the ...
Bade Roofing Co., Inc.
With over 50 years of commercial roofing experience, Bade Roofing offers a wide array of ...
Door Guard Elevator Cab Protection
Door Guard's elevator Cab Liner and is the newest concept in interior cab protection. Virtually ...
Profession Drain Cleaners
In tight or awkward places, the Power-Vee is like having a third hand. To feed ...
FFit Computer Floor
The Computer Floor solution eliminates waste and promotes green building practices. Computer floor allows changes ...
QRS Commercial
When your business requires reconstruction as a result of disaster, time is critical as your ...
Sharp Notevision XG-C40XU-S - LCD projector
Check out this compact LCD projector -the Notevision C40. From color-coded user interface points and ...
Nexlight - Networked Lighting Controls
Green your building. Combat high energy prices with smart controls. Installing a networked lighting controls ...
The preventative  Ladder Gate® shield
The shielding door of the Ladder Gate® unit is constructed of heavy-gauge rust-proof aluminum. The ...
Double or Triple the height of your existing building, WITHOUT disrupting your warehouse operations. The ...
Securitas Security Services USA, Inc.
Every day approximately 100,000 uniformed Securitas USA security officers perform a variety of duties to ...
Roof Access Control
Ladder Gate® Climb Preventive Shield is used to control access to fixed ladders on tanks, ...
Building Technologies
We are the preferred partner for energy-efficient safe and secure buildings and infrastructure ...
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